I should say this early on, you may not want to agree with this post. It may ruffle the feathers of some, leave some with mixed feelings and others… well I am not sure. This is because it goes against what has come to be accepted by many.

Follow your dreams……   There is hardly anybody alive now that hasn’t heard these words. We have read it in books, heard it in songs, seen it acted in movies…..motivational speakers and writers have made a fortune telling and teaching people to follow their dreams. Even well-meaning Christians use this phrase to motivate, spur hard work, focus and determination from other Christians.

At normal glance or hearing, it looks harmless and even spiritual.  Click to read full post


As stated in my first post “modesty defined”, modesty streams from a heart that reverences God—TRUE

But although modesty in its real essence is an issue of our heart/ spiritual condition, it also translates into something physical the world can see. Though modesty is in and from the heart, is also tangible, it is touchable and it is seen. It is spiritual yet physical…..

How then do we know how to look and how not to look? Is there a practical guide that can help us make choices among all the options before us? If there is, does it cut across cultural and human differences?

I should say this now, I don’t have a list of dos and don’ts Click to read full post


It is official……The bill has been enacted

We’ve finally been expunged from the list of considerations when clothes are designed. Though there is no legal document explicitly stating it.The effects of this act are being seen already in every clothing shop.

But seriously, I just got to be kidding; of course it has been official since ages past.I guess my shopping experience a few weeks ago not only reminded me of this fact, but also etched it deeper in my head.

So this was what happened that day. I went shopping for skirts; initially the euphoria of adding something new to my wardrobe was overwhelming. But my balloon of excitement soon got deflated as I went from shop to shop. Click to read full post


Like every other woman, I stood before the mirror that morning, spinning before it, adjusting my outfit, touching my hair for like a thousand times, checking my face to see what’s too much and not enough……….Then  I did that conclusive overall assessment we ladies do when we want to see if we generally look BEAUTIFUL.  Don’t we all love to know if we do? Yeah of course, every woman loves to look and feel beautiful.

But over time I  began to ask myself— who set the standard for the conclusions or impression I have formed in every aspect of my life?

When I think I look beautiful, by whose standard, definition, or by what authority did I make that … Click to read full post


What is modesty?

The other day, a close friend sent me a Christian music video from the 80’s or thereabout. The setting I believe was a church meeting hall. As I watched and listened, the Lyrics blessed me for sure, and I also enjoyed the rhythm. But there was something else that caught me. Something I wasn’t initially looking out for. But once I noticed it, it spoke to me distinctively of someone.

That someone is Jesus Christ

What could have spoken about Him, aside the lyrics of the song?

It was the clothing of the ladies.

They looked beautiful in a way that pointed me to Him rather than themselves. No cleavage showing, no thighs exposed, no body hug … Click to read full post



The keys jangled as I bolted the house gate, while screaming bye mummy, at my mum who was already out of the main gate leading to the street. I made my way into the house and collapsed into an armchair, letting out a long sigh. I was home alone now (as I was more often these days). Part of me loved the quietness it afforded me.

I picked up a book and reclined on the chair.  I soon got distracted as thoughts started creeping in; in no time my head was ablaze with dissatisfying thoughts.

So this is it Lord.  Another day is about to play out like every other day.  I am just here; this isn’t where I … Click to read full post


I cringed as her voice grew louder, making her words travel farther than I wish it would. Glancing at the faces within listening distance, it was obvious I wasn’t the only person thinking her words are improper.

Abigail was at it again.

Very typical of her to Lash out words that would make everyone but her uneasy. I gave a wry grin and looked away, wishing someone could make her stop.

Most of us know her.  I don’t mean Abigail. I mean— That Christian girl with an unappealing personality. She may be a close friend or just an acquaintance.

Sincerely some of us reading this post may even be her (but don’t know we are).

When I say “unappealing … Click to read full post