Wrap up for the year, plus the top 3 posts of the year…

For me, I think 2017 will always be a year to remember. This is partly because, something I have had in mind for some time happened. LIVINGWATERBROOK happened. And I can’t believe that in just a few days’ time my little corner of the internet will be a year old…..hmm…Indeed, God is faithful.

Although this year was its start year, it was also a great year. And I am very grateful to the Lord for every moment, post, and more that it has produced. Of course, it wasn’t a smooth ride, but it has been worth it. Doing this with Jesus has been really fulfilling and satisfying. And seeing how it has impacted hearts for Christ, has got me proclaiming … Click to read full post

“Be, Love yourself” and the likes: GONE WRONG

Self-esteem…Love yourself…Be yourself…Accept yourself…Believe in yourself…..

I can’t remember when and where I first heard these catch phrases. But I know I heard them a lot while growing up. In fact, even as a young adult I still hear them, maybe even a lot more.

I know these words aren’t new to you also. You must have met with them, either while reading books, listening to speeches, or songs. And I am quite certain many of us (Christians) use them too. Also, do you note the one word common to all of them? Hmm, it’s a no brainer search. You got it right: SELF. Let’s just keep that somewhere for now. We will surely come back to it.

The catch … Click to read full post

It’s more than the Songs we Sing…WORSHIP IS A LIFESTYLE…

If you ask me, “Dorcas, why do you dress the way you do?” and my answer is, “oh, I am just choosing to worship and praise God”. My response will most likely land me the “please be serious stare”. This is partly because worship and even praise have become the other word for music in Christianity: So one has been taken as equal to the other.  When most Christians gather, it isn’t uncommon to hear somebody (often called a worship leader.) say “let’s arise for worship and praise”, and also end a singing session with Lord accept our worship and praise. These statements get me wondering what has been going on up until the time of … Click to read full post

The God on the MOUNTAIN, is still God in the VALLEY…….

Isn’t this too above me? Who would listen to my “few years above two decade” years’ old life talk about difficult seasons? I scoffed in my head. These were my thoughts while considering putting down these words.

Wasn’t a talk about tough times supposed to be from someone with decades of experience? Or so I think. I couldn’t wade off this feeling for some time, until it gradually started occurring to me that my young adult version is still very much it. Our age, place in life, or life journey doesn’t make it any less a difficult time as we feel it is. The ground is quite leveled when it comes to this.

I know we also like … Click to read full post

Redefining “THE PROVERBS 31 WOMAN”

She is the wonder woman of Christian female circles. The Ideal of godly womanhood. The definition of homemaking in all its glory and perfection. The standard against which we often measure our performance.

Every girl brought up in church have met her.  We have met her through the scriptures, plus countless number of sermons. She is the topic of discussion in many books and write-ups. Women ministries are named after her. Conferences are themed after her. I can go on and on talking about her excellent reputation. SHE IS— THE PROVERBS 31 WOMAN.

Am I about to give another sermon on how to achieve her domestic excellence? Or itemize proverbs 31 into a checklist of “SHOULD DO”? Nah, not at … Click to read full post

Testimony of a Good Girl “SAVED BY GRACE”

He chose me, even when I didn’t know or feel I needed Him. The undeserving girl, the teenager with cloaked sins that rules and good morals couldn’t fix. And He is still choosing me every day, even with my imperfections. The thought of it all always leaves me muttering two words under my breath—“JESUS SAVES”

When people wait to hear salvation testimonies, they usually don’t expect it from someone like me. This is because it doesn’t check out with my background. Even with all my teenage quirkiness I think I could still pass for “the good girl” by basic “religious” standard.

I am that girl brought up in church.  With spiritually grounded parents, baptized in her preteens, didn’t date … Click to read full post